Available Courses

Each course has been modelled to take into account the needs and constraints of an Art School. Note; a session is the same as a weekly class – 2-3hrs.


This medium is often regarded as a ‘difficult’. All watercolourists need to develop their
skills and techniques fist. This is a structured painting offering the student a supported
environment to learn at their own pace.
For the watercolourist who already has some confidence in handling the medium will be offered different challenges. My aim is to cover a broad range of subject matter and styles and each student can only gain by trying different things. All experience

Acrylics are the most versatile painting medium. It can be used with traditional processes and is also is a unique base for mixed media. It is excellent for the beginner because it does not offer any hidden surprises and can be extended as far as an individual’s imagination.

For beginners there is a structured program covering colour mixing, composition, paint application, picture construction, basic skills and techniques. Progressing along the program you will be offered many ideas and the aim of which is to challenge and instruct. Once the students have developed some basic skills they can stretch themselves with their own projects or be offered a starting point which will be a stimulus that will provide the catalyst for creativity. All experience welcome.

3. Water Media – Watercolour/Acrylic

For the artist who is beyond basic skills and techniques. This is a free ranging weekly class, introducing students to the different techniques that are available to the artist who works in mixed media. The focus is on water based media but is not exclusive to it. As long as it hangs on the support and is archival it is OK. The students may work with their own resource or they could be presented with challenges that will develop the skills and techniques of picture making.

4. PATHWAYS TO ABSTRACTION -Leave Plein-air to the Birds – Weekly, 2 or 5 day Workshop: – The aim of this course is to look for a starting point that an artist can use in the studio. Each term or workshop is structured with a starting point – an inspiration. From this insight, the subject matter is further developed by exploring the many ways an image can be refined by composition, colour, texture and tone. This development stage provides a thorough knowledge of the subject and it’s also the method that develops many ideas for paintings. Inspiration can be found almost anywhere – you just need to look.
Watercolour, Mixed Media and/or Acrylic – intermediate/experienced

For the experienced painters who enjoy the collective spirit of a group of like-minded individuals

Summary of Workshops for Artists
Please refer to description of workshops for further information

A. AN INTRODUCTION TO WORLD OF THE ARTIST Materials supplied by prior arrangement

Art Entrée – Help make up your mind which media you want to pursue. 6 mediums covered in 6 classes plus time to play (3 days)

2. Tasters for Drawing, Watercolour, Painting (Acrylic, Oils) 1-2 day


23. Make Composition Work For You – 1 or 2 day

24. Get to Grips with Perspective – 1 day

25. Linear Perspective – 2 day


6. The Colour Wheel & Colour Mixing– Theory Meets Practice.-1 or 2 day

7. The Colour of Emotion – What is the attraction? – 1 or 2 Day


8. Drawing – The First Steps – 1 or 2 day workshop

9. You Too Can Draw – 1 or 2day workshop

10. Drawing Is the Key to Creativity – 5 day (10 sessions) workshop

11. Portraiture – (Traditional) 1, 2 or 5 day

12. Life Drawing – (Beginners/Sketch Club)


13. Watercolour – Introductory Workshop – 1 Day

14. One Week Watercolour – Absolute Beginners – 5 days

15. Ban the Mud: Watercolour Pigments, Washes and Glazes – 1 or 2 day


16. Transparency in Acrylic – Extending Beyond the Opaque

17. Paint it Thin – Glazing

18. Acrylic & Collage – First Steps into Mixed Media -1-2 Day

19. What is a Medium? – Acrylic Painters – 1day


20 The Fine Mark – Pen & Ink – 2, 3 or 5 day

21. Landscape Illusions – Explore the Brilliant Colour of Ink

22. Mix it Up – Mixed Media


23. Abstraction for all – The focus is on a process – 1 day

24. Pathways to Abstraction – (Various) 1, 2, 5 day or weekly

  • Abstract Portraiture
  • Abstract Landscape
  • Photograph as a Resource
  • Cubism – Another Way of Seeing
  • Inspiration to Image
  • Symbolism – The Image that Matters
  • Object to Motif
  • Mud Maps
  • Grids that Tell the Story
  • Botanica
  • Memory Painting
  • Landscape Surface – Mixed Media
  • Landscape Earth Forms
  • The Vessel
  • The Masters
  • Principles & Elements(Various)
  • NOTE: The above courses can be seen as suggestions or a starting point.
    I am happy to tailor them to suit your needs.