A Philosophical Statement on Teaching

There are three parts to an arts education; tools and skills; knowledge of the theories, and developing the aesthetic perception. For my students the main motivation to attend my classes is to acquire the skills and become proficient with the tools. For me, in my role as an arts educator, is also to teach the theories associated with these skills and along the way develop their aesthetic perception.

To be a teacher of art to adults in the private sector requires much more than a firm technical knowledge and a passion for art practice. It requires empathy, sympathy and above all stoicism and tact. You need to be able to bring out the wall flower and tone down the loud mouth. You are at once the hostess and the instructor, the actor and the confessor. Their personalities are as diverse as any group of people can be, and I aim to establish a cohesive group and provide a safe and productive environment.

I teach creativity
I develop aesthetic perception
I clarify the concept
And I appreciate the practice of reflection

Mitzi Vardill, MCAE, October 2009