In my painting life I have used both oil and acrylic paint. Each medium offers me different things and now the choice of medium will depend on the image I wish to create and I how I want it to look

Oil is the classic medium. There is an intimacy between the painting, the artist and the paint which cannot be surpassed. Oil paint is about the colour and can produce work of unsurpassed beauty.

Acrylic paint can be regarded as the ‘beginner’s medium’ but this denies the obvious advantages that this medium provides. Because of its inherent qualities the painter is only restricted by his imagination on what this amazing product can do. You can paint ‘like’ watercolour or ‘like’ oils. You can build the surface up or sand it down. Any number of techniques can be employed and the introduction of other materials such as alcohol, starch or sand can produce startlingly effects. Acrylic is for the hands-on painter; it is energetic, flowing and at times unpredictable. It can produce images that are realistic or abstract.