A life in 12 Plates

An investigation into the human condition we all face of being essentially an individual but also requiring the company of others and to have access to the benefits that a community provides.

Plate 1 Creation

When we are born we are at our most perfect state of individualism. Our needs and perceptions are contained within us. We are not alone because we are unaware of others.

Plate 2 Nurture

We have needs and when these are met we become aware of others. This is not an interaction as we do not relinquish any of our self. These others are encompassing and omnipresent.

Plate 3 Family

We become aware of others who compete for the attention of the omnipresent parent. We adjust ourselves to have our needs satisfied. We learn rivalry and compromise.

Plate 4 Alone

There is a point when we realise for the first time that we are alone and that we need others.

Plate 5 Community

We start the physical separation from the familiar. The difficulty is, although self is the prime imperative, making adjustments to others brings rewards of friendships and community. This is hard won.

Plate 6 Cohorts

Forming bonds and experience life within a community becomes important. Our familiar is extended.

Plate 7 Society

Moving into the larger community and a community of strangers requires further adjustment. Small frog in a large pond.

Plate 8 Partner

Developing a bond with a significant other has its own perils and adjustments. You create your own territory and family.

Plate 9 Birth

Becoming a parent, learning not only to adjust to another but to work together for this new individual.

Plate 10 Generations

Watching your own child become a parent involves the needs of the child, but you do not need to relinquish yourself. This is a blood to blood bond.

Plate 11 Grief

Aging and the diminishing of the physical self. Death and bereavement of the significant relationships

Plate 12 Death